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This Information is For New Start Ups Only

Things to consider for your new fabrication shop operation & tools

What does it take to fabricate granite? What are the handling and fabricating differences?

The following are some basic differences and some tips to either add granite to an existing business with the Find Stone Source Prefab granite system or to your line of material products, or as an alternative or new start-up.


With our great customized factories we offer slab and matching prefab all produced with the same blocks offering prices that cannot be beaten with premium and in demand granites from Brazil, India & China. Our factory is designed for this type of program not available in many countries overseas, giving tremendous advantages, smaller countertop, generic countertops, project, hotels, casino, retirement communities, including complete fabrication and ready to install granite for new construction.


The first thing you are going to notice about granite is the weight difference. Granite slabs can weigh as much as seventeen lbs. per square foot. What this means is the prefab system will be far easier for you to handle than large slabs however we suggest you buy a folk-lift for off-loading and for movability for all your materials including full slabs when required. You can move your prefab with just a couple of workers at times but more often you’re going to need a forklift, boom and clamp to move full slabs to these materials around, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds, however if you decide just on the prefab we still suggest buying a forklift for all heavy weights including stone slabs etc.


The fabrication of granite requires lots of water. Nothing is done dry. This means you have to provide a means to recycle or get rid of all the water that you will need. Your saw is going to use the most water. You will have to dig a small trench to collect the water and keep it green; however there are other inexpensive alternatives.


Unlike solid surface sheets or prefab granite, slabs cannot be carried in a horizontal position, meaning that slabs must be lifted vertically. This scenario does not apply to the Find Stone Source prefabricated program. If you are going to do both, it will mean you are going to need enough height in your shop to lift the slab up on your saw. You will need at least a 16-ft.-high ceiling.


Here is a brief list of what you'll need at bare minimum:

Sawing: Cutting granite slabs is going to require a good heavy duty saw, if you’re starting small you can start with an inexpensive rail saw that Find Stone Source will provide that will cost around $4000.00. If you plan to do lots of jobs and slabs you will need a larger saw, these starts around $30,000.00. The Intimidator saw is without a doubt the best bridge-saw on the market for the price, made in the USA with free installation but not necessary for the prefab program, recommended but not necessary.

Profiling: You have a few options, however in the new set-up package, the hand held router machine is a heavy duty router that comes with an optional and additional edge profiles. You will need a large heavy-duty router regardless, and you will have guarantees that it will do the job.

Polishing: A small handheld polisher, either air or electric will be needed for finishing your edges and sink cutouts. This is a water-feed machine; this also comes with the tool package.

Cut outs: A small, handheld electric saw will be needed to cut sink holes, range openings, etc. again there are many for you to choose from but the Alpha hand machine is the way to go and it in the tool package.

Blades and abrasives: You are going to need diamond abrasives and diamond blades for cutting and polishing these are also in the tool package. With your business a part of your monthly costs are you polishing pads and small but important blades etc. Once your initial tooling account is set up it is your account and your reasonability, there are no commissions to the Find Stone Source and the tooling account become yours.


This applies only to the new start-ups who will receive the latest and best training from a true professional that started just like you ten years ago, or we have an advanced course with our partner and trainer at one of our tooling companies. Of course since then much as changed including the system which has greatly improved? There are several stages you will have to learn, and again not as tuff as you may think. You will start from the basics so you will have a true understanding of what most granite and stone fabricators have to tackle from day to day, including slabs. When you go to the training you will see an operating fabricating shop, there you will understand the standard protocol to running a daily work shop.


This Information is For New Start-ups only where training plays a very important part of our prefabricated program and the use of slab form fabrication. You will find that the trainer will be very helpful to you and your team and teach you everything you need to know that’s relative to the fabrication of the granite fabrication business. The trainer will walk you through the shop set up and provide you the best training and consultation possible. This will not only save your business from mistakes, but also a lot of headaches.

The training costs vary depending on the amount of teams that attend, the costs can be shared with others and other new start-ups costing far less, or you could go to a recommended fabricator and work for a week or two with no pay-day, but the costs will be minimal with expenses and may take longer. There is a nonprofit training and consultation fee in the marketing plan and a separate package for the tools costs.


What will it cost to offer granite? This is going to depend on a lot of variables; however with the prefab Find Stone Source system you will find that it’s similar to the cost of some raw slabs. You can start very small with a small rail saw, router, etc., and some of the essential tools all for you to fully start granite fabrication for around $10.000.00 to $12,000.00. If you want to go for a larger production, then you’re going to have to step up to some larger equipment, Intimidator saw etc.

Adding Granite / Quartz Fabrication to a Solid Surface Shop
Things to consider if you’re to diversify your fabricating operation or start your new start-up


The following is a checklist of what the basic small shop will need to get started and the tools are supplied by the Find Stone Source once on board…The account after your initial order is your with free delivery for life…


All tools on the above list are included in the package, except the rods which are a few dollars.




In addition to the above items you will also need to check the following:

Water Supply: Make sure you have enough spigots, locate them so they are easy to get to with shut off values. You will also need hoses and quick connects. You may want to suspend your hoses from reels on the ceiling.

Drainage: Where will the water go? Depending on the city, county or state you are in, you may have to install a recycling system or at the very least you will need to set up a settle ling tank so that your slurry does not go into the sewer or storm water system.

How will you route the water? You may need to install drainage channels or build a damn around your saw and router station to contain the water. A sump pit and pump may be required also.

If you intend on using air, you will need an air compressor, dryer and airlines. Remember you will need at least one HP for every four CFM required. Many air polishers use at least 16 CFM, so this means you will need at least a 5-HP to run one hand tool.

Make sure you have adequate electrical requirements. Most routers will be 220V single phase. If you plan to expand to a larger saw you will need three-phase power.

Door height: How do you intend to get your slabs inside your shop? You will need a door high enough to bring the slabs in. I would recommend at least and 16-ft. high door opening.



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