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Breathtaking Granite and Marble Colors Available From Egypt

Find Stone Source introduces Egyptian Stone Tile, Egyptian Granite, and Egyptian Marble & Limestone�s, Direct from our factory in Egypt.

Find Stone Source Stone Industries Egypt was established for the Egyptian Stone export market to help serve increasing international demands for Egyptian marble, Egyptian granite and Egyptian limestones. Egyptian Stone demand is on the rise and is extremely affordable. Find Stone Source has seen tremendous growth in demand for high quality Egyptian stone materials in many countries worldwide, especially the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This has resulted in steady annual growth, making us a leading exporter of the most exquisite Egyptian marble and limestones for flooring, granite slabs and prefabricated countertops, to all global markets.
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Find Stone Source/Find Stone Source-Egypt, is your best source for the highest quality, most beautiful Egyptian stones, flooring and architectural building materials from our Find Stone Source Egyptian Group of stone specialists and factories. With our years of on-the-ground experience in the Egyptian stone industry, we have identified the finest quarries that yield the finest stones, processed by using the latest stone machinery and production lines, to give Find Stone Source unequaled product excellence, and quality control in the world market.

Find Stone Source/Find Stone Source-Egypt are one of the most reputable exporters of marble, granite and limestones from Egypt. We present a tantalizing range of exquisite Egyptian stone flooring, tiles, slabs, pavers, veneer, custom countertops, vanities, and architectural building stones, custom-columns, balustrades and much more, all available to our customers specifications and requirements. Allow Find Stone Source Stone Egypt to quote for your inventory or project.

Egyptian Stone Colors Available from Rococo-Find Stone Source Egypt

Alabaster, Desert-Cream, Giallo-Cleopatra, Golden-Cream, Hennis-Cream, Sunny-Light, Sunny-dark, Tropical-Rosa, Maryola, Cream-Samaha, Brescia, Galala-Extra, Galala-Classic, Incas-Gold, Milieu-Brown, Milieu-Gray, Katren, Yellow-Dream, Feleto, Egyptian-Boticino, Seti-Hashma.