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Manufactured - Granites from Europe, Asia and & Latin America Fabricated In China! From Find Stone Source- Stone Group!

Granite completely customized for all your Commercial and Hospitality projects.

Find Stone Source- Stone Group China can proudly say that our factory in C china is the finest by far, and is a perfect fit for prefab. Commercial projects with blocks from around the world, ready to custom cut for prefabricated granite, vanities and much more.

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We offer you quarry-direct pricing from our factories around the world. Granite slabs are also available ready to ship directly to you from the appropriate Countries of interest. OR, you can have Prefab. Granite Countertop and Vanity Systems cut to order. All our Granite and Stones are stored from around the world and fabricated at unbelievably low prices in China. For fabrication, this does not necessarily apply for slabs that are indigenous to from many other countries, like Brazil, India and other granites from Europe, and the Middle East.

If you cannot find what you are r looking for, then call Find Stone Source- Stone Group, and we will find what you need within our natural stone materials and selection. Need a container with all your natural stone needs? Look no further. We can consolidate your materials for every part of your project, including all required stones specified, saving you tens of thousands of dollars. Want to buy and sell to the trade and be a part of the network? J, just contact us for more information.

You make more money by saving on fabrication and equipment costs. Fabricators and the trade in general cannot compete on commercial projects, it's far too costly in the format of prefab. Or custom stones for any project. Allow Find Stone Source- Stone Group to assist you to and become a more prosperous B business through our network with the Find Stone Source- Stone Group world wide collaboration.

Prefabricated Countertops Starting from low $5.00 $7.00 Range to the $10.00 Range per foot Complete and Customized and Prefabricated to suit or for our Prefab Program

Blocks Cut into your Specifications for Prefab Countertops and Vanities from around the world for your selection. Chinese Granites can be LESS but not necessarily, all depending on the demand of any granite or marble. For instance Brazilian Granites are less in price arriving direct from Brazil.

Today you can order your complete custom countertops, prefab, tiles, pavers, veneer, and many other formats and styles to your specifications, for your residential or commercial projects for a fraction of the price arriving directly from one of our quarries and factories in many countries. Prices vary in demand for as little as $5.00 $.7.00, $9.00, $12.00, and UP all depending on the quantity and the granite itself per square foot depending on the color and & popularity.

Granite and Stone material products are shipped and delivered - in slabs and ready to install - customized in any size you wish, with cut outs and with edges cut and polished to your specifications; sink cut holes, faucet holes drilled, back splashes and, valances, are all cut from any color granite you desire from one factory. This is indeed a great additional program to help fabricators and the trades. Now able to order a consortium of different materials, making the ordering process far easier, allow Find Stone Source to QUOTE-YOU and see the benefits for your PROJECTS.