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Purchase Chinese Marble Slabs & Tiles

Have your Natural Stone Fabricated at our location in China for your Projects:

Save even more with Find Stone Source-China. We have granite and marble blocks, slabs and tiles from quarries here in China. Purchase Chinese marble and granite slabs, marble and granite tiles and other stone products for less.

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Note: Indigenous natural stone materials of interest from the Mediterranean and other parts of the world would be indeed less in costs and advantageous if you were purchasing a specific natural stone material, especially in larger quantities. Please contact us, and we will show you how. What China offers is cheaper labor, not cheaper stone from other Countries. Eg: larger projects requiring many different stones with prefabrication required, may be more beneficial coming from China because of certain costs, shipping, labor & convenience.

Budget Conscious Builders, Contractors, Granite Tradesman, Distributors and Fabricators wanting to source or begin offshore fabrication: "now's the right time." Commercial projects of all kinds, eg: hotels, banks, condos, commercial buildings and even residential renovations are making a great impact with Find Stone Source Prefab Program. In today's economy to bid projects you have to be competitive.

Fabricators and sales trade professionals are adding this opportunity as an additional revenue stream. Find Stone Source is one of the few Granite and Marble Import and Export Companies that can offer you the world-variety of materials all from one location, country & factory. See more Prefabricated Granite information here.

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Find Stone Source is a direct manufacturer and exporter of natural stones from around the world. We offer the convenience of manufacturing all specified stones from many countries from one factory and one group in China. Find Stone Source produces and manufactures many types of different stones, granite, marble, limestone's, onyx, quartzite, slate, sandstone, travertine and basalt products and much more. Find Stone Source natural stone materials are for export to the stone and building trades only and our main markets are the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Chinese marble tiles and slabs are interesting and offer many beautiful color ranges that are very affordable, please look at our color samples on the Chinese marble page. Other natural stones that are available are; marble slab and tile, marble tiles, marble slabs, prefabricated kitchens, cocktail-bar countertops, restroom vanities, bathroom vanities, peninsula and island tops, tub surrounds shower enclosures, shower panels, window sills, granite sinks, sink bowls, sinks and basins.

We can provide Marble, Quartzite, Granite, Travertine, Sandstone, Limestone, Culture Slate, Meshed Tile, Stone Mosaics, Marble Fireplace, Sculptures, Columns, Cobble Stone, Paving Stone, Tumbled Stone, Pebble Tiles, Slate and Roofing tiles, Veneer Wall and Tile floors mainly for Commercial applications, Hotel and Resort, Condominium, Hospitals, Malls, Shopping Precincts and Private Residences. Find Stone Source welcomes all trade clients to contact us now for your next project.

Ready to Install Prefabricated Countertops. See our hotel countertop series: