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Find Stone Source: About Us

The Find Stone Source Exports Division, Management Staff and Factory Employees have a farced and World-Wide experience and knowledge that is un-matched, with a positive curve both in the corporate world and the overall operational performance. Find Stone Source is one of the most entrepreneurial visionaries in the stone and fabrication business of producing natural stone materials, with the finishing of all stones in the world today, with a positive business growth every year.

Find Stone Source’s inner Strength is its Product Quality, Knowledge and Excellence that is maintained with a strong consistency level and enjoyed by trade professionals in the four corners of the globe.

Find Stone Source has built there customer loyalty and performance among the professional stone distributors, stone masons and the building trades alike, and has stood out against all the competitive markets at the optimal maturity and life cycle. Find Stone Source’s strategic planning is not only a great example, but a vanguard to the innovation processes and Find Stone Source’s technical knowledge and high standard of management and performance level, that expands Find Stone Source and its affiliates through its positive high Integration. Find Stone Source’s partnerships and our intimate processing factories are world-wide and an un-matched success story, that satisfies the distributors and professional buyers, that have allowed us to produce and create the high profit margins for our customers and clients allowed with our tremendous buying power and offering to the stone trades, this is our mission that created the concept of our organization.

Find Stone Source and its management is the winning combination for success, comprising of the most possible advanced executive management and factory knowledge, this of course includes staff and equipment with high tech machinery and factory management that is operated by highly skilled and self-motivated workers. Find Stone Source has produced the elite quality leadership that has had a great benefit for optimal performance to satisfied repeat customers. Executive management’s experience is decades long with a heritage of generations of stone masons and families in the stone industry, that is committed to the development and implementation of Find Stone Source’s Business Strategy. Our pride is the satisfied customer, this includes the distributors our agents and all building trade professionals that require high quality stones at affordable prices from the stone trade and the business of all natural stones. Find Stone Source’s true mission is to serve our professional partners and customers with the best quality materials for the pricing they must meet in order to buy at the right price, but moreover satisfy their clients and customers with the quality expected by their customers.

Find Stone Source’s Prime focus is corporate achievement with new products always on the agenda with careful innovations and easier ways to install keeping up with new trends, with the mission of saving money and with great new ideas.

Find Stone Source new and optimal process always ensures high efficiency and the least possible wastage in manufacturing and logistics, through our own quarries and partnerships buying block management this assures the customers of the best pricing possible. We pride ourselves in maintaining a green finger-print with social responsibility; contributions are made through green energy with water filtration and recycling systems and slurry management and controlled with air filtration system in the work-place. Find Stone Source is constantly revaluating all possible options along with the business continuity required that is reviewed and requested constantly by the team and its management implementation. Health and safety including the environment is of great concern to the Find Stone Source Group.

Ecological Flooring - Stone Floors & Countertops are the green fingerprint alternative.

Find Stone Source Stone Industries are aware of the demand for sustainable materials, the impact of the carbon footprint and green issues relating to our planet. The long lifespan of Stone means that renewal costs are reduced and the lifetime cost is actually less than what appears to be a cheaper alternative. Stone is inert and produces very little if any emission, unlike other floor coverings i.e. cement / concrete / porcelain tiles carpet etc., all of our overseas suppliers are checked for employment conditions ISO certification and their environment policies.

The majority of these Quarries have been verified, and our Find Stone Source team has personally visited all Quarries around the world including the Middle East, South America, Asia, China, France and Europe, so we know where it comes from and how it is made! We do not buy from countries with oppressive political regimes or countries that exploit cheap labor or bad working conditions. I am a supporter of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Amnesty international. We are totally committed to the recycling and the powers, the re-usage of packaging materials, our workshop on their Green clean power scheme, regardless we can reduce Find Stone Source’s companies Carbon Footprint and is constantly under revision, and is always open to suggestions. In addition, Find Stone Source Stone is a supporter of….
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Find Stone Source AND ITS PACKAGING:
Packing at Find Stone Source is achieved with wooden crates made out of quality high impact wood, mostly imported from Brazil and Australia. The imported wood is subjected to high kiln drying all achieved at the supplier’s factories and plants. The packaging is very important for stability that helps reduce the absorption of moisture during transit through exporting. The wooden packaging and pallets conforms and supersedes the requirements set by the stone associations and marble institutes. Many stone application for production and exportation are packed very differently, this includes A-FRAMES for Slabs, Boxing of tiles, pallets strong with reinforced strapping for larger tiles, larger elongated pallets for prefab granite and prefab counters stones well under the maximum weight requirements, less than three thousand pounds.

Find Stone Source and its outstanding Quality are achieved by constant monitoring and checking by inspection in and out sourced inspectors before every stage of production. When and if a certain material is not approved the material is rejected without any compromise and sold to the local budget markets or to auctioneers. The quality especially if requested is flawless, and this includes first quality requests and extra quality that is inherent with Italian marble and natural stone materials. Every tile shipped from Find Stone Source is checked thoroughly through our internal inspector’s hands from our  Quality Control and management division, this is includes calibration and rectification quality control for thickness and ensuring accuracy for its final destination and quality installation to all buying trade customers.

Due to our high volume of exportation, Find Stone Source has secured large freight contracts with the world's best shipping lines and companies. This offers our customers the lowest possible shipping cost. Find Stone Source’s products are placed in wooden pallets; labeled with the necessary information and quality in each pallet or frame. Custom requirements are met by attaching the packing list to every crate when ready for pick-up and shipping. The shipping company then loads all the necessary pallets and materials for each and every individual customer via container through our loading bays. The container is then checked for its cleanliness and total absence of water moisture, dirt and dust and inspected and cleaned throughout before loading and is double checked for accuracy and last cross checking and count.  Once the container is ready to leave the loading bay and closing the container all documents are verified before the container has left and released to proceed to the port.

We maintain a large and adequate inventory right on our own back yard to ensure a realistic short and speedy turn-around time, for the execution of most orders offering Find Stone Source’s wide range of choices and the assortment of various materials.

Find Stone Source ITALIA:
Find Stone Source Italia Professional Division is strictly a quarry block buyer with the highest standard production facility in natural marble for decades, with the specializing of quarrying in the marble deposit and grave commerce; this includes block availability ready for production and inspection. We support our natural stone distributors and customer clients in the best way during the crafting process until the purchase of our products. We have a superior advantage and tremendous experience in the marble commerce, and we are proud to be a long standing partner with the best marble quarry owners in the zone of Carrara with marble materials, such as Bianco Carrara, Canal Grande, Campanili, and Lorano unique kind of marble you can find exclusively in Carrara only. We also commerce Italian’s and international origin Tufa, Onyx and Granite to follow the global market trend that satisfy the stone trades alike, with all our clients wishes. We are located as the legal, administration office and
repository in Carrara. We are the number one source in Carrara and have a constant inventory and availability of following materials:

The Find Stone Source Philosophy:

Find Stone Source considers the human being to be the most important factor in the production process and has therefore consciously and conscientiously made effort to create a conductive working environment that motivates employees to raise productivity and increase the competitiveness of Find Stone Source Natural Stone materials and product, both within the country and in the international arena.

Find Stone Source recognizes that in parallel with a conducive, working environment, there is the need to protect the natural environment which is the "womb of humanity".

Find Stone Source is commitment to all of its staff, employees and it’s oversees partners that the people within the Find Stone Source and its affiliates translates into strong relationships with associates within the country and overseas, based on a passion, respect and a mutual appreciation. Find Stone Source and its associates share common interests which facilitate harmonious, bilateral co-operation, resulting in increased prosperity for all. It is said among the people working with the marble industry that whoever worked with Find Stone Source has succeeded. That is our greatest passion and satisfaction.

Find Stone Source philosophy of the Find Stone Source, in dealings with its associates, is based on sincerity, honesty and mutual trust, leading to creative co-operation within the achievement of their respective goals. The Find Stone Source, mutual trust is a prerequisite for productive and beneficial bilateral co-operation and it is the company's belief that relationships of trust are only built with tremendous and long standing relationships and much effort. Such valuable relationships can be very easily destroyed from poor mismanagement and intended acts including bad business practices, our philosophy is to always maintain strong communications with long term results.

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Find Stone Source offers many materials of stone from around the world, at a fraction of the costs. Find Stone Source offers the following: Granite tile & Granite slab is a natural stone product from different parts of the world.  Find Stone Source is an importer, exporter, producer and manufacture, Find Stone Source offers the intelligent buyer more information and options with our comprehensive and colorful website.

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Find Stone Source is a major producer of natural stone, marble and granite from over 27 countries. Find Stone Source offers a wide variety of granite, marble and stone products, including granite marble slabs slate tiles , cut-to-size countertops ,islands, vanity tops, tub surroundings, window sills ,soap dishes ,stone sinks bowls, fireplace mantels, stone molding trims, mosaics medallions, stones marble light panels, stone wall claddings, balusters, railings, inlays, inserts, monuments, garden stones, limestone, quartzite, flooring and wall tiles, craving slate tiles, slate tiles, mushroom slates, cleft stones, cleft slates and travertine, natural slates, cobblestone tiles, paving stones, deck stones,  fountains, sculptures, lite panel wall cladding columns, balusters, railings, steps, garden furniture, chairs, and paving stones for Architects, Designers, Building Owners, Developers & General Contractors: Our Commercial Group features a complete profile of granite facing veneer  for exterior building applications. We also produce landscape and paving materials, cut-to-size granite floor tile, granite slabs for countertops and furniture, industrial products, raw quarry blocks, stone diamond tools, and materials for civic memorials and national monuments. Find Stone Source specializes and emphasize that our natural stone materials are overseen for the best selection possible, this includes our granite marble stone tile, countertops, pavers, worldwide granite tiles, marble and granite, granite slab, granite slabs and much more, please scan our web-site and select your granite marble and stones for your project and save, buying direct from our premium quarries and factories from around the globe, supplying from the professional trades.