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Turkish Factory Marble and Travertine

Find Stone Source Partners With Seti-Turkmar Mining Group Block Production Slabs and Tiles.

Over the last 10 years we have explored Turkey's rich mineral depositories in search of the highest quality marble, travertine and granite which have been used in building projects in the United States, UK and throughout Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.

Today the company operates several quarries and two main factories in Turkey, offering a wide range of standard and custom sizes, with distinctive colors and shades in a variety of different stones. Find Stone Source operates some of the most advanced stone cutting facilities in Turkey with the capacity to supply large scale projects locally, regionally and internationally, with a full inspection program in place.

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Find Stone Source also manufactures and supplies marble, limestone, onyx and travertine for all applications including slabs, tiles, pavers, architectural stones, custom kitchen worktops to bathroom vanity tops, to the trades and its customers. Find Stone Source also provides Monument-stones, Window-sills, Thresholds, Risers, Railings, Pavers, Cobble-stones, Tumble-stones, Architectural-stones, Balustrades, Flag-stones, Stack-stones, Curve-stone, Cap-stone, Corner-stones, Coral-stones, Veneered Stone, Fire-places, Slabs, Large Modular Custom Patterns, Stairs & Risers, and a fully customized carving availability for the private homes and estates and commercial projects and much more.

Find Stone Source-Turkey has some of the best hand craftsmen for your individual requirements without compromising on the quality of your selected natural stone material. Find Stone Source pays great attention to the consistency and the quality of its natural stone materials, including great and honest customer service. Find Stone Source fully understands the importance of a long-term partner relationship, that's why we will always keep the high expectations of our customers, via full inspection and tight quality control, packing, and finally the loading and bracing of all Find Stone Source materials. Let's talk about the methods used by importer customers that have found success in the market?

Find Stone Source has found success in there market targets, and are distinguished by two important elements: Their knowledge of what their customers want and the ability to deliver high-quality marble and various natural stones. This is also true of well-established marble importers in the US who engage with large retailers and the larger distributors who buy from our stone groups numerous natural stone materials. Marble and other Natural Stones imported and sold in the US are mostly imported from other countries traditionally, thus reducing costs substantially.

This is because the marble and stone producers of these overseas countries must be on good terms with "you" the buyers and importers, in order to attain the service and quality desired. On the other hand, if you don't import goods that meet the expectations or demands of your customers, then you can't sell your products, this happens consistently with constant bargaining where quality begins to fade.

Basically, the importing and marketing is paramount for any importers success including the customer service aspect of the operation, this must support the product buying and importing side, and vice-versa. This is what successful marble and granite firms have done for decades, and continue to do. We urge all new and experienced importers that they should always listen to your stone professional and experienced providers, to understand what is selling fast and what qualities of interest are on the horizon. What can Turkish firms offer to set themselves apart from Typical European companies?

Turkey is your bridge between Europe, Asia and the Middle East, now open to the USA.

Turkey is undoubtedly the new leader in natural marble and limestone, with the exporting and importing into the United States. In terms of marble, Italy is Turkey's biggest competitor although Turkey's raw material and resources are far richer than Italy's; the price points are certainly far more attractive. When it comes to workmanship and machinery, Turkey is not behind the eight ball and not fooling anybody in the stone trade. In fact, there are Italian firms that buy marble from Turkey, stating it is produced and perhaps "Made in Italy" on the pallets, and sell the same stone materials for higher prices to the United States. The most obvious example is Turkish Travertine's and Turkish Crema Marfil type stones. Find Stone Source produces there select Crema product named (Bella-Crema) a magnificent, almost perfect stone that the Italians import on to the market place.

The Italians are massive producers of many natural stones from other countries with different types of marble; such as "Rosa Levanto" for many years before the Turkish quarries were even competitive in the US market. The US naturally sees this stone as an Italian product, and this is certainly not the case. So in a nut shell, if price and quality is an issue Turkey is fair game.

Creating the competition and the brand is unavoidable? Italian marble products are built upon the notion of "perfection and luxury," for many buyers around the world, including the American consumers and importers, that Italian marble is synonymous with the notion Italian stones are superior materials. This is common place of Italian marble products, in the minds of Americans. Changing this is almost impossible. For this many reasons, Turkish Marble, Travertine, Onyx and all other Stones must market itself as cost effective and more capable today with its knowledge as a great producer and manufacturer, more importantly in line with the Dollar than the Euro Currency. In fact, Turkey has proven itself as a major player in the stone manufacturing arena with high technology and with a different approach to the American markets and buyers.

Today Turkey is seen as an exotic and a mysterious country to many Americans. Find Stone Source positions itself as not "Mysterious, but beneficial and very sophisticated with huge production and manufacturing. Turkish Marble producers and manufacturers such as Find Stone Source are aggressive " through the marketing media with skillful advertising approaches, we not only introducing Turkish marble to the market place, but can also distinguish ourselves from Italian rivals through our own unique brand positioning. Of course, Turkish marble firms in the US and in Turkey must take these steps together. It is important to state that indigenous Italian marble materials is a completely different issue, as all indigenous materials are solely from the countries of origin and cost effective from the quarries and the source where the stones are excavated.

How important is technology in selling products?

It's difficult to sell marble products without showing samples. However, the Internet provides great opportunities for marketing and publicizing activities. Find Stone Source Stone website is complete with a catalog of your stones of interest with digital photographs that will actually save you a lot of money and energy, and will allow you to reach more potential customers. Moreover, it is possible to conduct customer surveys over the Internet and then analyze the results in order to improve your business. We suggest to truly feel and touch any stone materials, a selection of colors and qualities should be chosen from the web-site until a decision has been made to narrow down your selection, once this is achieved we believe a fresh piece should be inspected for your final decision, as older pieces could in fact be antiquated and completely different, this way there are no disappointments when delivered.

Turkish Marble and Travertine

The Find Stone Source Company, aim to provide the best quality with reasonable prices under required terms & conditions and supply the best service to our valuable customers.

The Find Stone Source Company would be pleased to establish long terms business cooperation's with stable and trustworthy companies. Our company supplies all kinds of marble. limestone and travertine tiles, marble product materials such as slabs, tumbled stones, pavers, borders, mosaics, bowls, medallions In all sizes and surface finish.

The Find Stone Source Company and its staff are also able to realize custom projects as required by our customers, assisting and suggesting during the choice of the materials and the finishes of the realization. We invite you to visit our catalogue have an idea of a few of our creations and our vast productions around the world with fantastic options.

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Find Stone Source was integral in starting the Turkish factory in Denizli Turkey. The great city of Travertine with the beating heart and land-of-mountains are the richest natural stone deposits and reserves of travertine in Denizli where we share quarries and produce our stones at our factory.

Seti-TURK started to export travertine and marble French patterns long ago, and is in fact the very first to export natural stone in the French style of pattern format into the United States then all around the world including United Kingdom, South Africa, Romania, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Chile, Republic of Serbia, France, Italy, Spain, Virgin Islands, Sweden, Switzerland , Poland, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania and Norway .

We have large stocks of tiles and accessories like sinks, shower trays, slabs and more.

You can visit our catalogue and ask more details about the products, shipment transit times, delivery costs, available colours and finishing's, packing, production period and much more...