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Find Stone Source's Thin Lightweight Laminated Onyx, Marble and Stones

Find Stone Source's Thin Lightweight Laminated Onyx and Stone -Is a magnificent pure natural stone surface material with a porcelain or glass backing that makes perfect sense for any kind of installation saving on material costs and labor. Find Stone Source laminated materials are great for esthetics, bars, partitions, entrance area, cruise lines, elevators, yachts, boats, floors, bathrooms, walls, lobbies, and for any installation whether interior or exterior meeting all standards and specifications.

The key to this natural stone surface material is that its lightweight, thin and perfectly rectified with absolute perfection, no chips easy to install, smooth with a perfect appearance and finish every time.

Thin Lightweight Laminated natural stone materials whether porcelain or glass backing serve two purposes, porcelain for lightweight tiles and panels conserving the natural stone material itself, and glass for translucent back lighting. This concept is safer than a solid piece or slab of onyx that normally is extremely fragile, however once the glass backing is applied it reinforces the onyx or quartz ten-fold including granite products, and it's far easier to handle reducing possible breakages in transit and during the fabrication and installation process. The other often unrealized and common problem with marble and onyx are when installed the sub-lament, which is the mud itself, can seep through the stone and suck impurities into the stone; this is often seen in light and translucent marble and can be seen by the naked eye. The backing stops any impurities traveling through to the surface of the marble or stone.

Just "Think" 24 x 24 Tiles in 1 cm center-meters thick with our thin laminated natural stone surface composite tile is 3 mm marble face + 9 mm porcelain or glass backing = 1 cm laminated together.

Find Stone Source's Thin and Lightweight Laminated Stones are so streamlined and clean that installers enjoy the simplicity of the product as a whole. It is arrives completely finished and ready for installation.


Thin easy to manage and install, lightweight, high intensity, great color selection, installation similar to ceramic and porcelain, lower shipping costs, temperature resistance, keeps wet foundation and minerals from attacking the surface and finally a perfect rectified tile or panel with no slight chips on the edges.

All Sizes are Available within reason, from very small tiles to larger tiles to suit all project applications including tiles and elongated panels for wall and countertops, bars and much more.


All are custom cut ready to fit and install in all tile sizes for any project and inventory. So rather than completely fabricate to fit a bar or an area of interest, we can tailor the fabrication and laminate the required backing so there is no further fabrication required, again ready to install.

The lamination and combination of materials serve many obvious purposes with marble and other materials, after dozens of care procedures. It is inevitable to lead the trend of the natural stone industry.

Find Stone Source - A reliable partner of the laminated process and the active response of saving stone resources, this show great foresight and will become the leader of thin and lightweight laminated stones for many years to come with much research and development ready for full production.

Find Stone Source has years of stone experience in the lamination process of these types of product and natural stone materials and process, including the importation and export of such materials. Find Stone Source are the professional choice for marble, limestone, onyx, quartz and supplier specialized in stone composite panel, thin tile manufacturing, the undisputed construction and force for your projects at home and abroad.

Find Stone Source has the know-how and the perfect production chain equipment, advanced processing technic, high quality control system, abundant experience, plus the professional team required. It is all our pleasure to accommodate and supply a comprehensive solution in natural stones for you. Find Stone Source thanks you for your trust and support to spread of our pristine production all over the world.

Find Stone Source New stone: The name brand you can trust Brushique

Now available in our prefabricated granite modular system

Find Stone Source is introducing our new Brushique line to all our natural stone products.

This will include our thin lightweight and laminated stones of all types. The process is quite beautiful and very eclectic and modern. Today more and more buyers are looking for endurance and appeal because not everyone wants polished, some require something different and durable but natural, that demands very little attention to maintenance and that's Brushique in a nut shell.

The Process is first flamed exploding the surface with flame blow fire machines at over 2000 Degree Fahrenheit and is smoothed and brushed out by connecting hard resin and metal brush pads instead of polishing pads, this begins the process using the polishing machines to create the Brushique appearance to the ready flamed stone surface. What this creates is an antique appeal and finally the new and fascinating stone we call Brushique.