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Brazilian Slate Tiles from Minas-Gerais

Slate Tiles, Slate Floor Tiles, Slate Roof Tiles

Brazilian Slate is quarried and produced in Sayao-Brazil located at the Minas Gerais State, of Brazil. Today, most Brazilian Slate is sold in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. This is because of the porosity and its extreme durability that United States and Europe demand's for Brazilian slate because of the damp weather in the autumn & winter months that out performs other materials, Brazilian Slate is identical to the old English quarries of old, for its character and natural clefts like the old Cheshire cottages and buildings in England. This is what professional's architects are looking for, a durable solid original Slate that stands alone as one of the most outstanding slates today on the market.

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Slate Floor Tiles & Roof Tiles
Colors & Dimensions

Product: We have Brazilian roof slates available in many different sizes. Brazilian slate is regarded as top quality slate; it is strong, durable and typically outlasts the roof it is laid on. Slate is a reliable roofing material used in many roofing projects Applications: Residential, New construction & renovation of roof projects,

Brazilian slate sizes and dimensions: Available Finishes: Both Face Riven Finish / Top Face Riven, Back Honed / Top Face natural cleft, back sawn cut / Random Flagstone. Size are in millimeters Flooring Size: 300 x 300, 400 x 400, 600 x 600, 300 x 600 (mm), Thickness: 10 - 15 / 15 -20 (mm) Roofing slate sizes are 400 x 200, 500 x 250, and 600 x 300 (mm). Ridge and custom tiles are always available. All dimensions and slate sizes below are in inches and have the standard sizes; however custom sizes and formats are available with specific drawings for approval.

Find Stone Source Tiles 8 x 8 / 8 x 16 / 16 x 16 / 18 x 18 / 24 x 24 / 12 x 24 / 10 x 6 / 12 x 6 / 12 x 12 / 14 x 10 / 14 x 8 / 14 x 10 / 14 x 12 / 16 x 10 / 18 x 12 / 20 x 10 / 20 x 12 / 24 x 18 / 26 x 16 / Custom sizes available.

Slate tiles used for Versailles patterns, are available in small or large sizes. Any size slate floor tile, rectangles, patterns, and multi colored designs can be created for you by your designers or architects. Also available is our in-house custom slate tile department where any slate tile variation is possible and available to your specifications. Slate tile has a natural high-low cleft surface giving a busy commercial restaurant or hotel a great looking surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Unnatural engineered stones do not give you the desired appeal that real natural slate can give you or your project. With so many natural slate colors to choose from.

Modern Architects and stone trade processionals understand the trend of the high-tech commercial applications with slates, want additional characteristics and that's what Brazilian slate offers to our clients. We have the colors of Flat-ford-Graphite, Abbots-Gray and Warwick-Green in both floor tiles and roof tiles. Brazilian Slate is stronger than most Gypsum slate and regarded as the most prestigious of all Slates available in the world today. The Brazilian Slate collection has been an out right favorite for many years for its different colors and types of applications, slate-tiles, slate-pavers, slate-roman patterns, slate-french-pattern, slate-veneer, slate-counters, slate-flag stone, slate-veneer, slate-counters, and slate-slab including roofing tiles

Slate tiles, slate floor tiles and slate roof tiles manufactured by Rococo-Find Stone Source BG, Brazil & India set the standard for all types of slate tiles. Our slate floor tiles and slate roof tile give you the perfect combination of selection, quality, durability, & hardness. Slate tile is a performance natural material making it ideal for flooring, roofing and other applications. Whatever the slate tile project at hand, Rococo-Find Stone Source can customize to your specifications regardless of its applications. Rococo-Find Stone Source stone technology and equipment manufactures top quality slate materials suitable for the most discriminating residential or commercial applications. The roofing tiles are hand selected, piece by piece, giving you the quality that is expected by the Rococo-Find Stone Source Group.