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Find Stone Source Produces Both Importing Residential Programs & Commercial Cut-To-Size Kitchen Countertops & Vanities Including Residential Prefab Component Countertop Systems for the trades only.


New Territories Are Now Available to Interested Parties

With a Proven Lead Generation Program Guaranteed

See Below Our Prefab Countertop Dimensions & Edge Styles

Find Stone Source's natural stone choices are vast, and are superior in quality and finishing, that is mass produced for any type of project or inventory scenario to your specifications. Additionally our simple prefab program has a proven system with a first quality outcome. Find Stone Source can and does produce to your specifications any edge style, thickness, countertops & vanities and bathroom additions, Finished or honed, polished, including back splashes, front aprons, window sills, thresholds, matching accessories, borders, trims, front desk, bars, floors and more, moreover we offer counters for kitchens & toilet partitions, bathrooms etc. Just send us your drawings and we do the rest. Once the pricing has been approved and the drawings are signed off, we are ready for production.

With residential we offer a variety of sizes to help you minimize your labor costs. As we say, it is easier to cut off a profile, than it is to put one on. All the residential edges are complete polished ready to install. We have provided you drawings of both commercial and residential projects to show you how it is all achieved and completed with the understanding how we can help you make your business or project become far more profitable, beating all competition every single time and achieve a far more profitable business in today's booming renovation market.

Please click on either schematic below to see dimensions & edge styles.

It will open into a PDF formatted document for larger view and you may scroll through our commercial or residential stone countertop diagrams for large commercial projects, and print a copy for your records. Countertop edges styles are provide in the left margin.

 Prefab Granite Photo Gallery


Savings with Prefab Granite program / the illustration shows how much waste can be avoided with prefab kitchen and vanities versus just slab of granite or marble.

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Prefab Countertops


Tremendous Savings for commercial and hotel projects

At a Fraction of the price direct from the quarries and factories
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Commercial Drawing


The illustration shows how much waste
can be avoided with prefab granite or marble.


Prefab countertops are not a replacement for slabs; it’s simply a sensible cost effective alternative that reduces waste and precious time in labor and fabrication. Often in smaller kitchen countertops a prefabricated granite or marble stone is a perfect offering, especially vanity tops that are very wasteful, great for the Residential Budget Kitchen customers and Vanity Projects, Renovation Projects, Commercial Projects, Hotels, Casinos, New Construction Projects, Airports, Vanities Projects and Kitchen Countertops. Slabs are available and cut from the same blocks as the prefabricated countertop systems and can work in harmony with the prefab granites for a multitude of countertops, large or small, including difficult radius’s and sizes. Please take a careful look at the different offerings in the drawing and see how our programs can help you with your inventory, projects and much more.

Find Stone Source’s stone materials are purchased for commercial projects and mainly for residential inventory and distribution, for fabricators and our interested entrepreneurs who want to start into the stone industry, and not necessarily experienced individuals, with training available and graduation to fabricate and install our prefabricated granite systems, including slabs and distribution, if they so choose for the smaller residential type projects. Prefab is on the rise, and on the hand will reduce stone waste materials substantially 30% to 50% for such projects, achieving additional savings and sales, and not losing them. The concept has been well thought out with profiled edges and finished back-splashes, with the understanding that any custom project can also be produced with all your cut-outs, including sink and faucet holes etc., for all specifications. Allow us to help you compete, and to promote your business and win all of your projects with our materials, and with our winning combination of products and systems.


  The first drawing illustration is for residential and smaller commercial applications with buying inventory, this will penetrate and easily compete in your local and desired markets or with the options of both or distribution only.  The residential type program is designed differently from a commercial project, as the residential type customers program cannot determine where the sink holes are to be cut and applied; this scenario is the only difference other than the basic trimming required around the countertop fabrication than a predetermined commercial fabrication, where all is cut with no fabrication is required, just an installation, it’s just that simple.  The advantages are huge, all cut and profiled to the standards required for kitchen countertops and vanity bathroom tops, saving much on labor and time for a fraction of the costs. Any size is available and length for importation, for inventory and finally installation, prefab that fits all. To understand our unique prefab program, we suggest you contact us from our contact sheet.

Please Note that the larger and more complex sizes are now a breeze, with our new larger Island pieces especially the Island 3 piece; it can be utilized as a multipurpose piece, large dining table, and large island, difficult applications, that avoids an inventory nightmare, you can cut the island 3 piece in half in need be, and you have two pieces of perfect countertops with a finished profile on all the front and sides ready to install, this avoids any inventory nightmares.

The second drawing and illustration is our prefabricated long and simple multipurpose system that is for kitchens and vanities, this is slightly different and very simple that is in our standard program, avoiding the smaller residential project fabricator to purchase a full slab which is unavoidable until now, with unique simple and easy one cut that fits all. This includes the profiles that are complete and ready to install for any residential or smaller commercial project, with back splashes and side-splashes that are unique with simple one cut and no finish profile required, this reduces much labor and is without a doubt over-looked by many fabricators, this guarantees no breakages on your imported stocking material and installation is reduced by a mile costing less than a raw slab, that is absolutely no different when installed on any application,  just ask how and we will walk you through the program.

The third drawing and illustration is for the benefit for larger commercial project installation trades, this includes independent installers who have the aptitude for commercial projects, trained Find Stone Source installers, fabricators, builders, and commercial professionals only. The trade professional buyer’s choices are vastly larger with virtually no limits to your choice of any natural stone material, colorations or specie of natural granite, marble, or any other stone types, including engineered stones which are now available on request, costly less than any type of raw material. All of Find Stone Sources commercial production is carefully fabricated through detailed drawings that are viewed by your customer, you the buyer installer, the Find Stone Source factory and finally signed off by your project manager or foremen engineer, before production even begins.  

All of Find Stone Source’s productions are carefully mass produced via high-tech machinery and equipment including waste management with a green finger print to improve our environment; this produces a high quality production for any type of project with a first quality outcome every time. Find Stone Source can and does produce to your specifications with any edge styles, surface styles, curvatures and diameters, including different  thickness, for all countertops & vanities and bathroom additions, Finnish or honed, polished, including back splashes, front aprons, window sills, thresholds, matching accessories, borders, trims, front desk, bars, floors and more importantly counters for kitchens & toilet partitions, bathrooms etc. Just send us your drawings and we do the rest. Once the pricing has been approved and the drawings are signed off, we are ready for production.