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Manufacturer of Prefab-Granite Countertops from Brazil, India and China

Your one-stop factory shop We Produce and Manufacture both Commercial Cut-To-Size Vanities/countertops to your Specifications Including Residential Prefab Component Counter Systems that fit any Kitchen to the stone trades COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PREFAB GRANITE

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Find Stone Source is your natural choice for prefabricated granite and stone. Find Stone Source's stone choices are almost unlimited, with hundreds of granites to choose from with custom manufactured granites that are far superior to any other stone manufacturers in world. What Find Stone Source achieves is a perfectly finished prefabricated granite every time, whether you are interested in finished vanities or prefabricated kitchen countertops, you will find many options for your projects. We always supply a first quality finished product, with a guaranteed and satisfied outcome for your project or inventory and moreover for all of our customers expectations Through Find Stone Source, you and your customer save on overall costs by importing your required specified stone, all ready to apply and install. Find Stone Source delivers either to the job site or your facility at a fraction of the cost with speed and efficiency

Find Stone Source produces and manufactures for commercial project applications to many fabricators and building trade customers requests and specifications, with any size or length detail, edge profiles, style and thickness. In addition we offer many alternative surface finishings with our countertops and vanities and bathroom additions: Polished, Honed, Leathered, Flamed and Brushed, including additions, Back Splashes, Front Aprons, Window Sills, Thresholds, Matching Accessories, Borders, Trims, Front Desk, Bars, Flooring, Counters for Kitchens,Toilet and Bathroom Partitions etc., Project interests are; major construction projects, hotels, resorts, malls, cruise lines, purchasing groups, interior design companies, museums, landscapers and private estates, with our world-class variety of natural stones, produced and cut for your projects and for fabricators inventory.

Just send us your drawing, whether rough or scaled and we will provide the breakdown listing of price for each area of specification. Once the pricing has been approved, we provide the final professional drawings to be signed off for approval and once this is complete, we are ready for production.


With residential we offer a variety of sizes to help you minimize your labor costs. What Find Stone Source offers is a perfectly designed granite countertop system as it is easier to cut off a profile, than it is to put one on. All the residential edges are completely polished ready to install. We will provide you with drawings of both commercial and residential projects to show you how its done and show how we can help you make your business become so much more profitable, beating your competition every single time today's booming renovation market.


Today's market demands better pricing. By buying directly from the actual manufacturers you are in control, we then go to work and manufacture and produce your specific stones from the country of origin and from around the world. Find Stone Source's knowledge and service has gained us notoriety with hundreds of satisfied customers world-wide with prefabricated granite, custom marble and many other natural stones. Stone suppliers, fabricators, trade professionals and entrepreneurs should take note, that wanting to source or just start in offshore fabrication is a great responsibility, but now made easy because Now is the Time! to import, save money on labor and win many of these projects. This includes many facets of the granite industry, including residential kitchens with a proven exclusive prefabricated system, commercial prefabrication projects for hotels, banks, businesses and buildings, residential construction - many with renovations in great demand - are realized by the Find Stone Source with the tremendous impact and demand for prefab natural stone products. You can easily capitalize on Find Stone Source's thirty five years of experience and unedifying knowledge of prefabricated programs.
Why would I be interested in Prefabricated Granite or Stone Surfaces? Simple! Because Price and Product make all the difference in the world to your success. To successfully sell to your market and bid and win projects, you have to be competitive. Smart fabricators and sales trade professionals are adding the Find Stone Source Stone Advantage to create new business and additional revenue streams and now realize that there are many markets for prefab granite. From Hotel Properties to Resorts and Casinos, Banks, Retail Stores, Office Buildings and Condominiums, Find Stone Source can supply all your specified natural stone slabs, precut slabs, and tile needs across the project development. Our huge worldwide resources of natural stone products are perfect for a multitude of commercial or residential interior or exterior applications, all from one professional manufacturer, producer and provider.

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Discover how the Find Stone Source can help you and your Company with our incredible stone selection and materials. Do you want to put your company at the forefront with our lucrative opportunity, with the largest selection of natural stones from the leading granite and marble group in existence? Then let's get you started...