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Find Stone Source is known throughout the stone industry for its careful premium production of (Onyx) from the very best selected quarries and factories around the world.

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Onyx is truly an incredibly beautiful stone that we take great pride in with different types of finishing with resin and polished production, glass lamination and light-weight wafer thin porcelain or BASF type backing in aluminum, moreover frame packing for shipments to the United States, Canada and Europe.

Find Stone Source supplies for specific projects, importing distributors and special order retailers and builders with the very best onyx slabs and tiles at most reasonable prices. Find Stone Source Onyx is known for its outstanding resources, quarries and craftsmanship, providing the finest Onyx, Amber & Alabaster stones in the industry. Our commitment to quality, integrity and superior customer service will provide you peace of mind when purchasing onyx and other stone products from the Find Stone Source. Our goal is to establish continuing relationships with stone distributors, fabricators, designers and builders in the united states, Canada and around the world and provide you our customers the very best onyx slabs available on the market, including tiles and other semi-precious stone materials for years to come for your inventory, projects and custom fabrications.


Find Stone Source has been involved with marble granite and onyx since the 1980s and have supplied and produce some of the finest onyx to celebrities, socialites and dignitaries from all over the Europe especially the United Kingdom. Prominent Clients are stone specialists, specialty stone fabricators, architects, hotel premier designers, retail showroom specialist, interior and exterior Back-Lighting projects, cocktail lounges, casinos, hotels, elaborate entrances, decorators and designer stone specialist the world over. Requests are varied from Office furnishings, Flooring, Sculpture, Fireplace mantels and Architectural elements, Custom carved bathtubs, Commissioned artifacts, Sinks, Commodes, Vanity and Counter tops and much more.
Colors: We have Golden amber onyx, Creamy yellow, Orange, Honey, Red, Dark Brown, Cola, and Light Blue, and many other natural shades. You can select your color shade from block by block before we start the process with a deposit. Production & Quarry: We are in our Ninth year of the quarry and block production. Our production capacity at the moment is about 700 tons / month. Depending upon the demands on big projects we can easily increase up to more than 1000 tons / month. Blocks& Sizes: As expected from our onyx quarries, we are able to excavate small, medium and medium to large size blocks. Today the rates of big sizes blocks are far more expensive and difficult to extract, but not impossible from the quarry. Sizes: We can supply gang saw blocks of the slab face Height: 130 cm to 210 cm - Length: 220 cm to 295 cm at this time. The thicknesses of the blocks vary from 40 cm to 160 cm. We are often approached with larger sizes; please don't hesitate to ask for availability.

1 / 30 x 30 x 1 cm... 1A / 12 x 12 x 3/8 inches
2 / 60 x 30 x 1.5 cm 1B / 24 x 12 x 5/8 inches
3 / 40 x 40 x 1.5 cm 1C / 16 x 16 x 5/8 inches
4 / 45 x 45 x 1.5 cm 1D / 18 x 18 x 5/8 inches
5 / 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm 1E / 24 x 24 x 5/8 inches
6 / 45 x 45 x 2 .cm 1F / 18 x 18 x 3/4 inches
7 / 60 x 60 x 2 cm... 1G / 24 x 24 x 3/4 inches

Onyx Tiles Thickness: 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.5 cm, 1.8 cm , 2 cm OR 10 mm, 12 mm,15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm
But also other measures are available upon request.
Recommended Applications Onyx:
Flooring, Cladding, Counter Tops, Exterior, Interior, Table Tops
Finishes Offered: Calibrated, Polished, Honed, Tumbled, Sawn
Onyx Slabs Sizes: Length: 5 to 8 feet OR 60 to 96 inches OR 150 to 240 cm
Width: 4 to 6 feet OR 48 to 72 inches OR 120 to 180cm
Dark Green Onyx Slabs Thickness: 2 and 3 cm OR 20 and 30 mm

Designs & Way of Cutting: Our blocks can be cut either cross cut or vein cut. In both cases from one block you have a great opportunity to create your work of art from the book-matching process as most projects are custom cut at the factories.


Find Stone Source special resin treatment for onyxes and natural stones make them stronger and sound, resistant and aesthetically more attractive.

Without doubt, Find Stone Source has been the real pioneer in the design and fabrication of "Resin Lines", having much production and manufacturing to produce onyx and other stones of interest with many of the necessary stone processing machinery and manufacturing facilities. Find Stone Source, who has much experience in the processing and fabrication of onyx, received their inspiration from the realization for our affiliation with our group partners who own their resin plants. Find Stone Source is still unbeatable in productive capacity and the achievable quality of the finished product. Resin Lines" designed by professionals who really know the process commonly called "Resin Treatment of stones", having personally net-reinforced and resin-treated hundreds of different stones for many years making all the difference to our clients... Laminated Onyx is the future with the reinforcement of clear glass for back lit / back-lighting

Onyx Overview

Onyx is a natural material similar to marble, comprised mostly of crystallized calcite found in small quarries. Moreover onyx is much softer than other stones and is likely to stain if not treated. Sealants much are of a delicate nature, this can be recommended. Onyx is translucent and can be back-lit to illuminate from back behind, this is undoubtedly a show piece and a thing of beauty and this is where buyers should be aware of all your options with full naked onyx, reinforced backing, lamination, for bac-lit application, lightweight applications and much more.

Onyx is extremely variable stone with many different shades and movement, including veining depending on how it is cut, strait-cut or cross-cut. All pieces of stone are not created equal, 'Onyx's are rarely exactly alike, and one slab may contain an array of color and other not, that is why for projects Onyx should be imported for your specific project at hand. Many designers feel that onyx is rather like buying a piece of fabric and can have it as and when they need it, not so. Onyx slabs in general are not as large as other natural stone slabs blocks that are extracted are more fragile unlike granite, and importers always have limited amounts in stock at any one time. We advise that all buyers re-think there buying when requiring a special and sophisticated natural stone, and plan ahead...