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Find Stone Source has finally agreed to expand their Jerusalem Stone and Production line with new and exclusive ancient quarries to enhance its color ranges.

The Gold Jerusalem-Stone Quarries have truly not been opened and available for some time until now. Find Stone Source are excited to receive your Jerusalem Stone enquiries with some great new colors. The new addition of more colors to the program will certainly attract customers and more buyers.

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The total collection of stones from Israel is mostly newly quarried stone that resembles the cool antique floors and keeps the original ambiance of the historical Jerusalem stones. We process these classic Jerusalem stones, through hand honed and sandblasting including brushed and brushique techniques and processes, this achieves the textured look of an old original Jerusalem stone building and floor as it was centuries ago.

This allows Find Stone Source - Israel to create the antiqued and brushique refined Jerusalem limestone to the elite buyers and Find Stone Source clients. There are several variations of the New Jerusalem Stone materials, which many referred to as Biblical Stones, Jerusalem Desert Sand, Love & Romance and Original Jerusalem NARI stones.

We produce these variations by applying different handmade treatments on the surface of the stone at our workshop and factories in Israel. What Find Stone Source can do is beyond many suppliers. Find Stone Source is hands on with the actual quarries that are owned by our partners, this gives us many advantages, higher grade material handled with pride, better selections, great competitive prices, full and owned inspection at all times, and moreover a custom cutting and fabrication service for the custom type project that most of our customers work with.


Jerusalem stone's brilliant palette and durability make these natural stones perfect for your large residential and commercial projects. We can provide Jerusalem stone countertops, vanities, tiles and pavers, cut to size, custom, textured tiles, cubic formats, reclaimed Jerusalem stones, chiseled stone, brushique-edge, banding, columns, fountains, balusters, historical pieces special items, decorations Items, mosaics, kitchen and bath products, pool and landscape, antique finishes, modern flooring, moldings, decors and many more custom made products on-salt pool surroundings, deck stone, coping, and manufactured custom and standard window sills, balustrades, rails, stairs, step and risers, and other moldings for interior and exterior applications.

Contact Us today today to discuss your Jerusalem Stone Project needs and we will help you with all Jerusalem Stone and other stone products you need. US and International orders accepted.