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Find Stone Source INDUSTRIES: A Greek, UK and American USA Stone Joint Venture Concern.

Find Stone Source-Grecia is a private block buying and joint quarry owner and producer for the excavation and processing of the manufacture of Greek Stones, and for the export of the highest quality Marble, Limestone, Slabs and Tiles, Pavers, Architectural-Stones and Custom Works, with premium natural marble and stone from the country of Greece.

Find Stone Source Industries Corporate is located in London and its representatives Find Stone Source is in the United States. We specialize in providing professional consultancy and agency services in the procurement and trading of products to both domestic and global markets. Our competitive strength lies in having a rich portfolio with an extensive network of producer's suppliers offering us access to products meeting the highest standards of quality.
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Find Stone Source exports natural stone products from Greece, for the following applications and finishes: slabs, flooring, tiles, paving, pavers, facade-walls for interior or exterior, stone finishes, such as honed, polished, brushed, Brushique, tumbled, split-face, sandblasted, flamed, and such finishing's such as beveling and chamfered, anti-slip, architectural stones, prefabrication, sandblasted and flamed products to name a few.

Thicknesses are varied dependent on the materials and applications. Slabs are normally 2cm or 3cm and customer thicknesses are available on request. Tiles are the following: 1 cm, 1.2 cm, 1.3 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.00 cm and thicker sizes would include custom and cutting to specification or pavers such as 2.00 cm, 3.00 cm, 3.5 cm, 4.00 cm, etc., Also available are stairs, risers, panels, balustrades, columns, vanities, sinks, fireplaces and other decorative items, monuments, rotundas, unique-designs and our new Mediterranean (Milos Extra Jumbo) Marble Sixteen Patterns Set, available in all Greek and Mediterranean materials.

Find Stone Source standard tile dimensions are: 30 x 30 x 2 cm, 30.5 x 30.5, x 2 cm, 12" x 12" x 3/8", 30.5 x 61 x 1 cm, 12" x 24" x 3/8", 40 x 40 x 2 cm, 40.6 x 40.6 x 1 cm, 16" x 16" x 3/8", 60 x 60 x 2 cm, 24" x 24", 60 x 90 x 2 cm, 24 x 36 x 2 cm, 90 x 90 x 2 cm, 36" x 36 x 2 cm, 60 x 90 x 2 cm. Larger sizes for pavers are from 2.5 cm, 3.00 cm, 3.5 cm and 4.00 cm. French pattern or opus roman patterns and Milos Jumbo patterns are available in all thicknesses appropriate to the application. Call for advice.

Find Stone Source is a dynamic Company with partners and affiliates all over the Mediterranean who excavate and processes marble for our customer's requirements and specifications. Find Stone Source of professionals are stone businessmen and master masons with the technological experience and operating staff whose job and experience is directly aimed at the natural marble and stone trade and markets overseas. Find Stone Source has a strong and unique position within its factories, with new and upgraded equipment and machinery to further expand our output to the ever growing markets and demand for Greek stones.

Find Stone Source Seti Grecia was established to help serve the increasing international demands for Greek marble. We have since enjoyed a steady growth to many markets worldwide including Europe North America, Canada and the Middle East. Find Stone Source specializes in custom works and specifications for private estates and commercial projects, hotels, municipal buildings and offices, malls, airports, cruise ships, churches, studios, designer and cosmetic stores, We have supplied marble and many natural stones for many major projects requiring large quantities of competitively-priced materials in many of our standard and custom sizes. We can produce marble in all forms from random slabs and tiles of standard sizes to columns, fireplaces, vanity tops and other decorative items. We can coordinate the processing and the production of many Greek natural stone materials from different marble-producing areas of Greece for that special project.


The original and most famous of Greek-Marbles are the Thassos-Marbles. The trades-have many commercial names one of which is not well known, is Find Stone Source Thassian Marble, which is derived from the homonymous Island of Macedonia Province in Northern Greece (Hellas), where many quarries are located in the province of the main Greek-Land. Greek Quarries are under little strain regardless of the economy, due to the world-wide demand for Greek stone materials, moreover the payment terms are agreeable and help start the process for many of our selected group of customers in the United States, Canada, Asia, Middle-East and the UK. Several other known names are given by different quarry owners where Find Stone Source buy there blocks ready for processing. Greek Exporters, Manufacturers or quarries, are very focused on the majority of the Hellenic stones and marbles from Greece. Marble names arrive from actual quarries and of the mountains which are located nearby the producing factories to service you better. Athos marble, Thassian White, Limenas Thassos marble, White of Prinos Thassos, White of Saliara, Marion, Macedonia Stones.

Here are some very well-known marble and stone names from Greece

The Islands of where the mountains are located are nearby the producing factories or quarries, for instance, Athos marble, Thaisan or Thassian White, Limenas Thassos Marble, White of Prinos Thassos, White of Saliara, Marion, Macedonia Stone.

Range and Colors: Milky or Absolute or Pure White, Snow-White or Snow White Thassos Marble, Thassos Crystalline Semi White or Grey or Ash- Coloured Crystalina, Brilliant-White, Blanco Dolomita, Blanco Neve, Bianco Neve, Marmol Blanco Nieve, Thassos Neve, Krystal Stone.

Stone selections-quality: Extra quality, Red Lines (Veins) Classic or Classico, Commercial, Crystal White. Stones crystals- mineral compositions, Bianco Crystal granite, Greek Crystal white marble, Dolomita Blanco, Thassos Crystallina or Crystalline, Cristallina, Crystalina, Grey Crystal Quartz, Crystallic, Cristalino or Cristallino, Krystal Stone.

Stone selection is not based on official standards one can make reference to as there are no official stone grades in Greece and the industry and trade of the stone. "Stone selections", as mentioned above, may vary among factories and companies and might also have subcategories according to quality, such as A1, A2 and A3. Quarry blocks, slabs and tiles by nature cannot be identical and all samples are liable to vary in color and veining as all other natural rocks, limestone, travertine and granite. So it is important to receive fresh samples before ordering, and to be specific on what it is you require in quality.

Social awareness and ecological stone and marble slab and flooring with the green alternative

Find Stone Source Industries are aware of the demand for sustainable materials. The impact of the carbon and green footprint relates to our world environment and our precious planet. Find Stone Source wants to make a difference and realizes it's an essential and important issue in today's society. The long lifetime of Stone means that renewal costs are reduced and the lifespan cost is actually less than that of what appears to be a cheaper alternative. Stone is inert and produces very little if any emission unlike other floor coverings, porcelain tiles and synthetic materials etc., All of our Mediterranean partners, affiliates and quarries are checked for employment conditions, ISO certification and their environment policies and this practice is continued to this day. As Find Stone Source continues to grow, our intention is to make aware how important these issues are especially in the stone industry, with the improvement of employees work conditions in a dusty and harmful dirty working environment.

We are always open for new prospective markets and customers and would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with Companies seeking opportunities mutually beneficial to both parties. We hope to be of service to you in the near future and will give our utmost attention to your ideas.