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The facts about brushing of natural stones, granite and marble

There are many different techniques with the brushing of natural stones, there is the standard brushing with the attachment to a polish machine but instead of polishing it is replaced with silicon and carbon brushes that are applied to the surface of the stone this creates a textured finish for the softer look and appearance, appearing worn and antiqued. To take it up a notch there are harder brushes replaced on the polishing machines with diamond brushes for the harder natural stones, granite for instance, this type of stone requires a harder brushing to create the look for our trade customers. The harder diamond type of brushing techniques will penetrate the surface of harder surfaces of stone. The concept of brushing is not new, however more popular due to the reduced costs compared to tumbled which is expensive to produce giving similar results.

YOU CAN PUT THE STANDARD FRENCH PATTERN PICTURE YOUR CREATING HERE ? I WILL LEAVE THAT UP TO YOU AND LINK IT TO THE FRENCH PATTERN PAGE Sizes for the standard patterns are the following, Standard Imperial Measurements are………… 8”x 8”, 8”x 16”,“16”x 16”,16”x 24 Metric Sizes are 200 x 200, 200 x 406, 406 x 406, 406 x 610. Brushing is in Vogue and nobody does it Better than Find Stone Source

BRUSHIQUE what's different

Brushique is different and hard to find on the market, Find Stone Source is the Vanguard of this process and technique and is on the rise with favorable results.

The Techniques' of the Brushique finished product are engineered for its out-standing modern and rustic appearance smooth to the touch, additionally saving money on labor and overhead. Features are what make Brushique attracted to buyers, the actual surface is not only attractive; it's practical and virtually indestructible, easy to maintain, easy to clean, stain resistant with our without a polished finish, attracting many types of buyers who do not want heavy maintenance; We call this scenario the three MMMs Marble, Means, Maintenance, because Brushique is a way of life for individuals, it requires very little maintenance, perfect for customers who want the opulence of real natural stone without all the headaches of up-keep and maintenance, that is what customers want, that is to enjoy a worry free surface with less hassle with real stone.


We do not go into the proprietary process; however we at Find Stone Source will explain due to demand for more information will reveal some of their secrets. Firstly the stone of interest is slightly flamed which we call flamique, which is the process and brand for our granite slabs and prefab granite countertop programs. The flamique, flamed process, is not used in the same sense for the said applications i.e. out-side non-slip exterior areas, it's the desired rough surface which is the required for the brushes to smooth out the textures arriving at the desired appearance for the brushique-finish, showing much character of the stone of choice for this which we call Brushique and the process. Brushique can be a matt finish or for the polished fans an antiqued appearance with an antique polished finish, customers love the antique appearance with polish almost appearing like a floor from the biblical times and era that has been restored.

BRUSHIQUE Stone Collections Are Exclusive

The color choices are selected by our designer customers and clients in our French Pattern Selection

Crema Limestone and Marble selections

Honey Marble and Limestone's

Rosa Zafra Marble Color Selection

Golden Cream Marble and Limestone Selections

Gun Metal Limestone and Marble Gray Selections

Solid Gold Stone Selections

Sandy Moca Stone Selection

Executive Brown Stone Colors and Selection

Soft Apricot and Peach Stone tones

All and more are available with the BRUSHIQUE Finish, whether plain matt and antiqued or Brushique with patina finish or antiqued and polished Brushique finish. Sizes available are you're standard / 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 18 x 18, 24 x 24, 36 x 36 For French Patterns please look below

French Pattern Sizes are in Standard French Pattern, Roman Opus, and Classical Opus Pattern, Classical Versailles Patterns, Standard and Jumbo size Patterns, and now our new Maximus-Seti Pattern not available anywhere due to the technology required with this extra-large eleven piece pattern and set. Sizes for the standard patterns are the following, Standard Imperial Measurements are………… 8”x 8”, 8”x 16”,“16”x 16”,16”x 24 Metric Sizes are 200 x 200, 200 x 406, 406 x 406, 406 x 610.

Below are the selected designer's choices of natural stone materials.

French Patterns. Opus Patterns, Roman Patterns, Jumbo Patterns, Maximus Patterns are all available from the Find Stone Source from around the world. The selections below are the designer's choice for the decade.

With Hennis Light Stone, Hennis Stone Med-Light, Capola Stone Light, Capola Stone Med-Light, Capola Stone Dark, Golden Stone Atlantic, Mirosa, Cleopatra Gold Stone, Amarna Stone Cream Light, Amarna Stone Cream Dark, Amarna Stone Honey, Zafra Marble Stone Beige, Crema Zafra Stone Light, Crema Zafra Stone Rose, Memphis Grey Stone, Memphis Stone Gold, Mombasa Stone Fiorito, Crema Mombasa Fossil-Stone, Guy Fawkes Grey Stone, Guy Fawkes Gun-Metal Stone, Samara Stone Cream, Moca Limestone Serpeggiante